Comic Strip Artists:

Nathan Stantiall & Tristan Buckner
[first post.]

Jayesh Mullin
[Wall Mage]

Nathan Stantiall

Jordan Henning
[The Comedic Webcomic.]



Welcome to Final Exodus Comics!

Here at Final Exodus Comics we host a variety of webcomics for artists that need somewhere to start their creation, somewhere that is free from limitations and boundries to their creativity.

We pride ourselves on making sure the website fits you, the artist, not us.
We handle all the technical details, leaving you to concentrate on the comic creation without distractions like website code, bugs & other technical server/host problems that crop up from time to time.

We're in the process of creating a registration page, in the mean time please feel free to email us here at:

You can find the latest news for the comics on the News page.